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Optimize Your Garage Space

Need to fit a lift in your garage? Converting to a high lift track system will provide the overhead space you need to enjoy your garage and your cars like never before.

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What's a High Lift?

A custom track that extends the standard radius (15") closer to your ceiling to minimize the overhead space taken up by the tracks.


A high lift conversion consists of changing a few parts to extend the opening radius of the door;

  • High lift track extension

  • Horizontal tracks

  • Custom cables

  • High lift cable drums

  • New springs - the new radius changes the weight distribution when the door opens, requiring new springs to balance the door correctly.

High Lift Conversion: Pro Gallery

A high lift changes the direction in which the door opens, making it incompatible with traditional openers. To keep the convenience of an automatic door, add this opener to your project.



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