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The "LGD Mobile" is always lurking around the corner, ready to serve. Fully stocked with every part needed for any garage door or opener repair, this van allows us to perform efficient repairs when you need it most.

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Repair Services

A Trusted Warranty

Every repair comes with 2 years warranty on parts and labour. When you deal with us, you can be assured you get the best parts and the best service, every time. If something's wrong, give us a call! We'll make it right... every time.

Repairs: List

Springs and Cables

The most common wear and tear garage door items are springs and cables. Over time, usage wears out the metal until they can't support the weight of the door and give out. We carry every residential spring to assure your door is back up and running in no time.

Rollers, Hinges and Lubrication

Many doors come with horrible quality rollers and are neglected by owners when it comes to care. If you doors is jamming and extremely loud, sometimes all it takes it is nylon ball rollers and full lubrication service to get it working almost as new.

Door not Opening or Closing

A door can refuse to operate for many different reasons (broken springs, safety sensors, jammed cable, jammed roller, etc.). If you're in a bad spot and your door can't operate, contact us right away for a free assessment. We'll get it working in no time.

Exterior and Bottom Seals

Proper seals around your garage doors are important, helping to prevent rust and other weather related deterioration. Whether strippings seals can get worn out or even worse, be missing - same goes for bottom seals. Contact us today to properly seal your door.

Opener Repairs

Garage door openers are not immune to wear and tear either. Most notably, nylon gears, belts, chains and door bracket can get worn out and require replacement. If your opener is giving you problems, let us bring you back the convenience of a working garage door opener.


Many more things can go wrong with your door or opener. Call us today to find the solution we have to your problem.



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